The entities present


Major IT and industrial players

  • Industrial companies (large groups, SMEs)
  • Hardware suppliers, software publishers and service providers
  • Start-ups and young companies via a business centre and incubator offering premises which meet their needs, a range of shared services and customised support.

Shared industry & research laboratories

  • The Exascale Computing Research laboratory (INTEL/CEA/GENCI/UVSQ) tackling the technological challenges in manufacturing and setting up computers able to offer a level of performance a thousand times greater than currently possible.
  • The Extreme Computing laboratory (BULL/CEA) developing the architecture and high performance systems of the future.
  • Other laboratories and research activities in various fields, software systems and the design of complex systems.

A European Training Institute in HPC

The institute will provide a high level scientific framework to handle two major technological developments – high performance computing and digital simulation (Master MIHPS). The students will acquire multidisciplinary knowledge, mastering the techniques of high performance IT programming, modelling and simulation, and gaining sound expertise in parallelism (hardware, software, digitalisation) and distributed computing.

Service platforms

These platforms will be accessible to all industrial and research players with the aim of helping them improve their efficiency and productivity in design and simulation. They will provide SMEs and SMIs with computing resources, software and the technical expertise needed to carry out their projects, giving them access to design and simulation techniques.